How Global Expansion can be Cost-effective Post Pandemic.

The pandemic brought in some unforeseen challenges to many economic giants in the world. Across the globe, some predict a downturn of the economy for certain countries there are forecasts for some which are expected to bounce back. Despite economic challenges businesses must survive and carry on vigilantly. While every market got affected in some […]

Right Time to go Global? Here are few Things to Consider

We have been dealing with mutations and aftermath of a Pandemic for many months now. Let’s face the reality, Covid19 is here to stay for a foreseeable time. Hindering or postponing operations can only be short term not a wise choice in long term as anyone else, we all need to accept the reality and […]

10 Questions to ask Potential EOR Companies

Many people define an Employer of Record (EOR) as a third party entity placed in between the client and employee. The EOR carries out payroll and basic HR functions on behalf of the client, while managing legal and statutory requirements is one of the key tasks undertaken by an EOR. While EOR is the registered […]

What is an Employer of Record and Why is it Important for You?

When a company hires an employee, the responsibility of all tasks of the employee including payroll, HR related tasks and legal and labor requirements must be taken up by the employer. But not all types of companies want to take up the responsibility of dealing with the liability of managing employees. This is where the […]

5 Things You Must Know About Employee Statutory Requirements in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a nation with a mixed economy where both private sector and government sectors employee Sri Lankans and foreigners. Sri Lanka welcomes foreign investments, and to support this several free trade zones, regulations and easy access schemes have been established. The economy is based on agriculture, apparel, and services such as BPO, KPO […]

Things you Need to Know About a Shell Corporation

In simplest terms, a shell corporation is a legal entity which exists only on paper without a physical officer or employees. They have financial assets, however they do not create products, recruit employees or generate revenue in any manner. What is a shell corporation? A shell corporation has no significant business activity, they do have […]

4 Things to Check When Selecting an Umbrella Company in Sri Lanka

Many companies who are looking at expanding into Sri Lanka face with two challenges. Whether or not to start and entity, or to tie up with an umbrella company who can take up the entire set up and administration hassle away from you. Many opt for an umbrella company who would deal with the complex […]

Your Guide to set up a Business in Sri Lanka

Post-civil war, economic growth and strategic location are only few factors for anyone to make a decision to set up a business in Sri Lanka. With a lot of opportunities, Sri Lanka aims to become a middle income country with long term plans and sustainable development. With Sri Lanka’s growth over the years, many businesses […]

Paying International Employees Compliantly

An increasingly painful problem that arises with international expansion is, how to pay employees compliantly. This is one of the good problems to have when growing, but has to be managed correctly to avoid complications in the future. Deepening on where employees are located, they will fall into government regulations and company labor laws that […]