Making the switch to a Global PEO: Why You Should Consider ExroAsia

Switching from a local entity to a Global PEO can save your business much required time and money to focus on business strategy. A Global PEO provides an end-to-end solution for payroll, HR, recruitment, and employee onboarding. This removes the burden of establishing different entities in multiple locations and allows you to focus on your […]

Cultural Competency is a must have for HR in 2022

As more companies continue to expand their reach and conduct business on an international scale, it is becoming increasingly important for them to have a strong global team in place. By collaborating with colleagues from around the world, businesses can take advantage of new opportunities, navigate challenging political and economic landscapes, and better serve their […]

Six Major Employee Engagement Trends for 2022

The past two years have undoubtedly not been an easy ride: a global pandemic has distorted our usual patterns of work, and the concept of ‘working from home’ has affected companies of all scales. Businesses in every corner of the globe are affected by these disruptions. Employees suffer from constant anxiety as they find it […]

Your Guide to Global Hiring: Choosing the Best Option for Your Business

Hiring employees can be a difficult process, especially when you’re looking for talent in a different country. There are many things to consider, such as the cost of relocation, taxes, and more. Considering international recruitment managers, global hiring companies, and PEOs/EORs and understanding which is the best option for your business? It depends on your […]

What you Need to Know About ‘1099 Employee’

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, businesses all around the globe begin seeking a more flexible and friendlier working environment, each passing day. With the increase of freelance work, there has also been a rising confusion regarding the benefits and tax implications of employing ‘1099 employees’ (a popular name for independent contractors) In favor of […]

PEO Predictions for 2022

The pandemic has undoubtedly been an eye-opener for all of us, proving to mankind once again that uncertainty is the only certainty. It is evident that the business world went through drastic changes to adapt to the ‘new normal’ we are currently living in, which included a renewed appreciation for professional employer organizations (PEOs). This […]

Employee Engagement Trends for 2022

The pandemic has changed lives, shifted mind-sets especially in the corporate environment where an employee is concerned. It has disrupted the workflows, work culture and the corporate lifestyle completely where many companies adapted to remote working no matter where they were located. Employee mental health and work-life balance were given priority as many suffered from […]

Best 6 Markets in Asia for International Expansion in 2022

Asia is home to world-class technology centers, advanced infrastructure and densely populated emerging economies. During the last three decades, Asia has boomed in technological advancements, GDP growth and labor competency outshining western countries which makes Asia one of the best destinations to expand during the post pandemic. According to the World Economy Forum, Asia GDP […]

10 Questions to ask When Choosing a Global PEO.

Choosing a global PEO will make your expansion journey smooth and hassle free. A global PEO would take care of your employee payroll, labor and HR requirements while employees work for your company. Without an entity, having a global presence not being able to worry about employee and statutory related issues is a big win, […]

Why should you Switch from Local Entity to PEO post pandemic?

When you expanded sometime back to a foreign country, it must have made complete sense to establish a local legal entity in the new country. It would have been more straightforward at that time to set up an entity as a subsidiary while directly employing people to your new company. Having the brand exposure with […]