A more diverse workforce brings together a greater number of competent employees from a wider range of backgrounds. This includes employees from different races, genders, social groups, physical abilities, communication styles, and ages. By harnessing the talents and skills of this broader range of employees, organizations can improve their performance and better meet the needs of their customers or clients.

There are few types of diversity, demographic diversity covers race, gender, sexual orientation and age while experiential diversity is where past work experiences, hobbies, interests, cultures and innate abilities are taken into consideration. Interestingly cognitive diversity includes problem solving approach, neuro divergence and social attitudes.

Benefits of having a diverse workforce

Investing in workforce diversity can have numerous potential advantages for your business, from increasing revenue and productivity to improving employee engagement and successful team problem-solving. Making diversity a priority can help you attract top talent, nurture a positive company culture, and stay ahead of the competition.

Diversity is essential for preventing stagnation of corporate culture and maintaining an organization’s vision. By encouraging different perspectives and ideas, diversity helps reduce negative manifestations of groupthink and keeps the corporate culture open to new ways of doing things. This, in turn, helps the organization to stay agile and responsive to change.

Recruiting a diverse workforce

To attract top talent from diverse backgrounds, it’s important to carefully craft job descriptions and advertising materials. Make sure your advertising reaches a wide audience, and that your company is perceived as a fair and reputable employer. When reviewing candidates, be aware of your own personal biases and strive to make objective hiring decisions.

Beyond the job ad, potential applicants will probably take a look at your company’s public image. If the job description mentions commitment to diversity but published data and imagery show that almost all employees share the same characteristics, applicants may be turned off by this inconsistency

Managing a diverse workforce

Although recruitment is an important part of building a diverse workforce, it is only the first step. To truly benefit from diversity in the workplace, employees must have equal employment opportunities and be able to participate on a level playing field.

An organization’s ability to manage a diverse workforce is essential and requires the commitment of senior leaders as well as managers throughout the organization. Leaders should be willing to review and improve organizational structure as necessary, including along the following lines.

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