How to Return to Work Safely – Guide to Employers

While many companies have welcomed remote working with open arms facilitating employees to workfrom anywhere they like, many multinationals are looking at returning to work for so many reasons.When many giants focus on returning, small companies tend to follow the trend. Before returning, thereare so many things that have to take place, such as introducing […]

All About Managing a Diverse Workforce

A more diverse workforce brings together a greater number of competent employees from a wider range of backgrounds. This includes employees from different races, genders, social groups, physical abilities, communication styles, and ages. By harnessing the talents and skills of this broader range of employees, organizations can improve their performance and better meet the needs […]

Employee Engagement Trends for 2022

The pandemic has changed lives, shifted mind-sets especially in the corporate environment where an employee is concerned. It has disrupted the workflows, work culture and the corporate lifestyle completely where many companies adapted to remote working no matter where they were located. Employee mental health and work-life balance were given priority as many suffered from […]