While many companies have welcomed remote working with open arms facilitating employees to work
from anywhere they like, many multinationals are looking at returning to work for so many reasons.
When many giants focus on returning, small companies tend to follow the trend. Before returning, there
are so many things that have to take place, such as introducing new work policies and bridging gaps in
the existing rules and regulations to accommodate the “new normal” working environment.

Returning to work has to be carefully planned as it is not a simple switch from earlier operating
procedure to the new, where a decision is made and employees are expecting to adhere to it. It is a
complete lifestyle change to employees and unlike the pre-pandemic state, employee well-being and
mental health are given much high priority in workplaces. Driving business needs through flexibility
especially to cater to employee needs is key and allowing hybrid work modes for employees is also
necessary based on job and location.

Providing a safe work environment becomes a mandate, on how employees can be vaccinated, isolated
and given allowance to work from home if exposed to a Covid patient. Using precautionary measures
such as masks, adequate ventilation, spaces and cleaning becomes another area that has to be
addressed with caution. Restating the hybrid work policy, getting in technology to support hybrid work
stations, equipment and tools are also necessary.

If the company decides to opt for a hybrid work mode, where employees divide their time at office and
remote to work which is a favoured option among employees now : both needs have to be balanced
equally. Allowing best of the both worlds, allowing them the freedom to collaborate and commute as
they wish. Employee engagement, basic needs and wellbeing has to be looked into for both options
Bringing your staff back to the office gradually via a gradual return program can help to reduce the
overall strain on your business, both from a financial and operational perspective, as well as reduce your
employees’ anxiety.

At ExroAsia, we understand the different modes of working available as well as the challenges in
maintaining employees’ health and well-being throughout their working lives. We can help to support
companies returning to the office, those continuing to work remotely, and those developing a deliberate
hybrid model.

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