Outsource to Sri Lanka: Add a Skilled and Resilient Remote Workforce to your Organisation

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean, located in Southern Asia. The country has a rich history dating back over 2,000 years, and is a renowned tourist destination. Sri Lanka is a great place to outsource resources, as it offers a variety of benefits. These benefits include low costs, skilled labor, and […]

Why do you Need an Outsourced Architect to gain Competitive Advantage?

Post pandemic, businesses are suffering with many financial and economic issues which affects a dynamic business. Outsourcing many services is a great way to reduce risks and costs on an operational level, organisations are now open to the concept of outsourcing not just professional services but skilled labor related areas such as architecture. Outsourcing architectural […]

Why you need to Consider Outsourcing your HR when Expanding Internationally

All companies have steady policies and regulations in an HR department and usually managed quite effectively with minimal issues. However which could be a challenge when expanding globally, as HR is an area which has to be carefully developed into an internationally equipped HR department to overcome the challenges that take place during expansion. Given […]

Top 5 reasons for Small and Medium Companies to Outsource Payroll

Employees being the main asset, taking care of them by ensuring that their paycheck goes on time is one of the biggest responsibilities for any organisation. The accuracy and punctuality of the payroll process is key while adhering to government policies and tax regulations in any country. If it is a small or medium organisation, […]

Outsourcing your Global Talent Acquisition in the New Normal

As the flexibility of the global workforce increases, more employers are searching for the best talent globally. Multiple factors contribute to this increased flexibility, and companies armed with the knowledge and proficiency needed to pilot a global talent pool will hire and retain the best workers in the competitive talent landscape. One notable contributing factor […]

Sri Lanka – Employer of Record

ExroAsia consultants would take care of your organisation’s Employer of Record Services entirely with a fast track approach. The client does not require to establish a subsidiary or a branch in Sri Lanka, ExroAsia would hire employees and run the complete payroll in accordance to compliance and statutory requirements in Sri Lanka. You can hand […]

Are you equipped to meet the new HR Challenges globally in the New Normal?

For a global company, outsourcing certain operational areas is a tested strategy as it helps the leadership and management focus on business continuity effectively. Aftermath of Covid19 has changed the gameplay for many departments, Human Resources is a division where it was drastically changed and there was no option but to implement the latest practices […]

8 Reasons Why it is the Right Time to Outsource to Sri Lanka

Yes, you heard it right. Sri Lanka. A nation that has gone through a lot, so much of persistence and courage and struggle. They have been through it all, now slowly seeing light in so many ways. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries to get through the Covid catastrophe successfully, that is just […]