Employees being the main asset, taking care of them by ensuring that their paycheck goes on time is one of the biggest responsibilities for any organisation. The accuracy and punctuality of the payroll process is key while adhering to government policies and tax regulations in any country. If it is a small or medium organisation, it is vital to have all these processes and policies in place to grow. While many opt to have an in-house payroll division, it has become a new favourite to outsource payroll to an expert for many beneficial reasons.

Time saved in manual processes

Managing payroll internally is one of the most tiresome and hectic tasks as there are many intricate details to look into before processing. New hires, terminations, benefits and deductions are just a few that has to be looked into for each employee. It is extremely expensive to adhere to all rules and regulations be it internal, country or globally. Outsourcing payroll to an expert in the area will not only let an organisation save time but will get rid of a mundane time consuming task. The HR team gets to focus on more strategic areas to build their employees while outsourcing payroll to a complete third party who is able to handle it with professionalism and expertise.

Reducing costs

Outsourcing a payroll function can save an organisation quite a lot, especially if it is a small or medium scale enterprise. Large enterprises can afford to be equipped with a large payroll team while it is a burden for a smaller company to maintain an entire team only for payroll. Many of the payroll activities can be handled by experts when outsourced such as payroll calculations, calculation of tax & returns, purchasing a payroll software etc.

Increased security

Payroll processing is a complex and a risky process to handle internally, especially where theft and accessibility of information is concerned. Having an in-house payroll department would require additional security measures which a middle level organisation might not be equipped to have. Outsourcing a payroll unit would ease all these extra risk factors and security issues as experts like ExroAsia are equipped with data storage and protection measures with multiple backups.

Team of experts with best practices

An expertise payroll outsourcing company would have a team dedicated to research, upgrade knowledge and share best practices within the region. You should not worry about the latest regulations as the outsourced partner will be well equipped to implement the best practices for your organisation. Their expertise will also help your HR department learn the best HR practices in the region and to support employees in the best way possible with any new regulations.

Zero infrastructure or maintenance costs

When you outsource you don’t need to worry about any payroll software upgrade cost or any new server cost. It is already being taken care of by your payroll partner who would take these extra precautions and measures for you. You don’t need to worry about incorrect filings and penalties as that too will be taken care of.

Outsourcing your payroll helps many small and medium enterprises to focus on their operational growth while letting a partner take care of their payroll entirely. Choosing the correct payroll provider will help the organisation gain competitive edge, it is vital to choose a partner who is flexible, supportive and easy to work with. ExroAsia has a fully-fledged team of experts who are willing to offer consultancy as a start.

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