For a global company, outsourcing certain operational areas is a tested strategy as it helps the leadership and management focus on business continuity effectively. Aftermath of Covid19 has changed the gameplay for many departments, Human Resources is a division where it was drastically changed and there was no option but to implement the latest practices and trends as it involves an organisation’s best asset, its employees. With so many organisations shifting to ‘Work from home’ or a hybrid model, the demands of employees and the expectations have risen. An in-house HR would need to have a large capacity to cater to new requirements of employees and work culture that has evolved into the New Normal. To cater to all these requirements, the existing team might not be equipped, and might not have the experience or capacity, that’s why outsourcing HR might be a viable option this season.

  1. Employee Engagement & Wellbeing is Key.

In most global offices, focusing on ‘Employee wellbeing’ has increased massively with the workforce working from home. Many have protocols and procedures which focus mainly on Employee Wellbeing and have implemented many activities to enhance both wellbeing and employee engagement. Employee engagement has increased with HR focusing on many virtual activities to keep employees relaxed and comfortable during this transition period. 

  1. Virtual Learning & Development

There is a shift in employees focusing on learning, and most HR divisions have brought in all the trainings to a virtual platform. The way of doing business, sales, marketing and even technology has changed in 2020 so there are many things to learn from, while catering to transitioning the employees to face the uncertainty it is also important to identify these training needs and equip them with new skill sets to suit the market. 

  1. Change of Policies, Rules and Regulations

The new normal has changed the way employees come to work to dress, it is important to have all these policies, rules and regulations in place. Even policies like dress code has changed, meeting regulations, the modes of communications have been identified and defined. These revisions could take a long time to complete, unless there is an expert who has handled multiple situations at the same time, hence HR outsourcing can fast track the process with all these matters as they will have set templates for most of these revisions. 

  1. Maintaining Workforce Stability and Culture 

Workforce stability in a global environment is important to sustain, where certain waves take place in turns in certain regions, it is important to maintain stability in all regions with guidance and support by HR so the communication and day today transactions among employees across regions will be smooth with less diversions. Employee culture, remaining positive plays a major role at times like this to sustain globally. Work from home situation adheres many complications including taking care of kids and home-schooling, the guidance from a global HR outsourcing company will be helpful to maintain a happy stable workforce. 

Global HR experts have already tried and tested these mechanisms for different industries, tying up with an ExroAsia HR consultant or outsourcing your HR might be helpful to try out these new norms in the space of HR. If you are looking at guidance or to outsource HR during New Normal, speak to us for a free consultation. 

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