ExroAsia can help you get started in Maldives in a matter of hours which can be financially beneficial if
you don’t have a legal entity in the country yet. Understanding that employees are your most biggest
asset, we provide services with utmost care and decades of collective experience in supporting our
partners expand across the globe.

We manage the payroll, benefits, and expenses in the Maldives for organizations of all sizes, while
offering HR, recruitment, and accounting-related services. We are the one stop shop for all your
outsourced HR needs. PEO services in Maldives and Employer of Record will be cost effective and you
can focus on strategy while we support you with everything you need for your expansion in Maldives.
Our experts can setup operations for you in a matter of days and save you over 80% of expansion costs
even without having an entity in Maldives. We source talent from the most skilled and competent
workforce required to grow your business. Our professional staff in the region is diverse, multi-lingual,
and multi-cultural, with strong professional backgrounds in leading companies from around the world.

We have a team of regional experts working around the clock to link talented professionals to your
Our dedicated workforce and partnerships guarantee that you will receive customized, consistent and
reliable, enterprise solutions to drive your business needs. From recruitment, hiring and training, to
staffing, payroll, and benefits, to organizational development and employee engagement, we have you
covered! Many businesses look for the right partner to expand their operations, a solution which can
mitigate the risks and lets the company expand with confidence. ExroAsia has many years of experience
with a team of experts on board who can support your growth journey. Drop a message if you would like
to have a chat.

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