How Global Expansion can be Cost-effective Post Pandemic.

The pandemic brought in some unforeseen challenges to many economic giants in the world. Across the globe, some predict a downturn of the economy for certain countries there are forecasts for some which are expected to bounce back. Despite economic challenges businesses must survive and carry on vigilantly. While every market got affected in some […]

Right Time to go Global? Here are few Things to Consider

We have been dealing with mutations and aftermath of a Pandemic for many months now. Let’s face the reality, Covid19 is here to stay for a foreseeable time. Hindering or postponing operations can only be short term not a wise choice in long term as anyone else, we all need to accept the reality and […]

10 Questions to ask Potential EOR Companies

Many people define an Employer of Record (EOR) as a third party entity placed in between the client and employee. The EOR carries out payroll and basic HR functions on behalf of the client, while managing legal and statutory requirements is one of the key tasks undertaken by an EOR. While EOR is the registered […]