Your Visa to a Dream Home in Sri Lanka is just Days Away

Sri Lanka flourishes in every way after 2009 when a 30 year old civil war came to an end. There were vested interest by many foreign entities and communities to invest in Sri Lanka also the urge to make the beautiful island their home. The country which is surrounded by pristine beaches, rich culture and […]

Top 5 reasons for Small and Medium Companies to Outsource Payroll

Employees being the main asset, taking care of them by ensuring that their paycheck goes on time is one of the biggest responsibilities for any organisation. The accuracy and punctuality of the payroll process is key while adhering to government policies and tax regulations in any country. If it is a small or medium organisation, […]

Outsourcing your Global Talent Acquisition in the New Normal

As the flexibility of the global workforce increases, more employers are searching for the best talent globally. Multiple factors contribute to this increased flexibility, and companies armed with the knowledge and proficiency needed to pilot a global talent pool will hire and retain the best workers in the competitive talent landscape. One notable contributing factor […]

Sri Lanka – Employer of Record

ExroAsia consultants would take care of your organisation’s Employer of Record Services entirely with a fast track approach. The client does not require to establish a subsidiary or a branch in Sri Lanka, ExroAsia would hire employees and run the complete payroll in accordance to compliance and statutory requirements in Sri Lanka. You can hand […]