4 Things to Check When Selecting an Umbrella Company in Sri Lanka

Many companies who are looking at expanding into Sri Lanka face with two challenges. Whether or not to start and entity, or to tie up with an umbrella company who can take up the entire set up and administration hassle away from you. Many opt for an umbrella company who would deal with the complex […]

Your Guide to set up a Business in Sri Lanka

Post-civil war, economic growth and strategic location are only few factors for anyone to make a decision to set up a business in Sri Lanka. With a lot of opportunities, Sri Lanka aims to become a middle income country with long term plans and sustainable development. With Sri Lanka’s growth over the years, many businesses […]

Paying International Employees Compliantly

An increasingly painful problem that arises with international expansion is, how to pay employees compliantly. This is one of the good problems to have when growing, but has to be managed correctly to avoid complications in the future. Deepening on where employees are located, they will fall into government regulations and company labor laws that […]